General information

What is it exactly?

SUNBEAMsystem is a Swedish brand that uses Sunpower solar cells, one of the world market leaders in the field of high-efficiency solar cells. Compared to other products, these cells perform better in high temperatures and give a higher yield at a lower light intensity. By using these cells it is possible to create high yield on a relatively smaller surface.

In contrast to fixed panels on houses and buildings, on a boat or ship there is often not the luxury of placing a panel in exactly the right angle towards the sun because a boat is continuously moving. In addition, it often happens that shadow from a mast or sail falls on the panels, which can temporarily affect performance. To keep the average energy production per day substantial, it is necessary to compensate for this with highly efficient panels and charge controllers.


What distinguishes the product from the rest of the market?

They are super light. On average five times lighter than fixed panels. Although this is less relevant for deck mounting, it enables the possibility to mount the panels on a sprayhood or bimini.

They are walkable. The cells and internal wiring are encapsulated in a shock-absorbing polymer layer, making the panels extremely impact resistant. It is very important that a good supporting surface is used during installation.

They are flexible. The panels can be mounted on a curved surface up to 30 degrees, and thus follow the curve of, for example, a cabin.

The high finish. All internal wiring has been concealed and the panels are therefore aesthetically pleasing; black solar cells on a white background. Or even on a black background. SUNBEAMsystem products  now come standard with flat cables running on the back, making them even more compact.

They are only 3 mm thick. More than 90% thinner than standard fixed panels. And that offers possibilities for a practically seamless integration on the deck.

And finally the price. Compared with the competitors, the prices of SUNBEAMsystem products are 50 to 100% lower. Compared to similarly priced panels, the quality or the yield is substantially better.