SUNBEAMsystem solar panels are used to remove plastic out of the ocean

On May 11, Boyan Slat presented a breakthrough in the development of The Ocean Cleanup. Due to design improvements, the system will be operational in 2018, two years ahead of schedule. The efficiency of the system has also improved considerably. Where at first it was expected that 42% of the existing plastic would be removed within ten years, the figures have now been adjusted: 50% within 5 years seems feasible.

This big step in the feasibility of the idea is largely due to two fundamental changes. Where previously the plan was to build one large system, work is now being done on a modular design with several small systems that use sea anchors. Because it is possible to start with a number of smaller systems instead of one large permanently anchored system, the start-up costs are much lower than previously thought. The systems are now also slowly drifting with the flows that also transport the plastic. And that seems to be a lot more efficient because they float to concentrated plastic ‘hot spots’.

About 50 independent systems can be deployed per location. To track their position and collect data, each system is equipped with a GPS transmitter and various sensors. The batteries for this equipment are powered by solar panels. And for these solar panels the requirements are very high due to the rough conditions at sea. Standard ‘glass panels’ as you often see on house roofs are therefore far from suitable. The project team was looking for a supplier with experience in the application of solar energy in marine environments and SUNBEAMsystem is proud to announce: we are supplier of The Ocean Cleanup!

For a robust system, Tough 18W Flush panels are used, high-efficiency solar panels that have been specifically developed for maritime applications. The durable Tough surface is resistant to salt water and strong UV radiation and the Flush cables on the back of the panel make it possible to completely conceal the electricity internally. Not a superfluous luxury: the panels are mounted directly on the floats and therefore have to endure a lot of contact with the seawater.

For The Ocean Cleanup, the perfect solution for one of the many challenges in making our oceans plastic-free. For SUNBEAMsystem, an honor to be able to contribute to this project.

Would you also like to contribute to The Ocean Cleanup? On this page   you can make a donation to the project. View the flexible and walkable solar panels from SUNBEAMsystem in our shop. 

Product review Ben: A permanent solution for a demanding customer.

Ben van Eem has his own yacht service company. He was commissioned by a foreign customer to equip his yacht with solar panels. On the wooden deck that is! Ben’s customers know that when they choose him, they get quality delivered. That is also the reason that Ben has opted for SUNBEAMsystem solar panels. Only the best quality materials are used in the solar panels. This way you are guaranteed an always optimally performing solar panel.

The panels are doing great! Even when the boat is inside the panels are being charged. The service is also very good. I liked how I was kept informed about the delivery time. Maybe we will do more business in the future. Greetings Ben. ”

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Product review Tom: A sturdy semi-fixed attachment to the sprayhood

Tom from Rotterdam was looking for a semi-permanent setup for his boat. He chose for the 50 Watt Loxx panel with SUNBEAMsystem Sunzip system. This allows Tom to securely fix his panel at windspeeds up to 50 knots.

“  The solar panels  work  fine and fit perfectly on the sprayhood. The combination of a Quick Fix solar panel and a sunzip attachment meets more than my expectations and wishes. In heavy weather I have the option to disconnect the panel and lay the sprayhood flat. I am very satisfied with the service and support by 

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Comparative test 50 WP panels

This comparison test clearly shows that the SUNBEAMsystem solar panels are smaller while delivering at least the same power. In addition to a smaller size, the panels have a high-quality finish, without visible internal wiring and the junction box is smaller. Also got excited ?! Click here to go to the webshop.


On a world trip with SUNBEAMsystem panels

Tjerk and Niels want to make a tour with their boat in 2017. They are currently busy making the boat self-sufficient and ready to sail for their adventure. SUNBEAMsystem solar panels help them with this. Click on the image to watch the episode. for more information about their Trintella4green foundation click here