TOUGH ++ 126W Flush


Met de nieuwe Tough++ 124.5W Flush zet SUNBEAMsystem een nieuwe benchmark: het is letterlijk het beste en meest efficiënte zonnepaneel op de markt.

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The newest Sunpower™ Maxeon cells reach an effciency of 25.1% making them almost twice as efficient than the conventional glass sola panels that our mounted on houses. the higher cell sensitivity gives a higher yield with lower light. Combined with the Shadow optimized technology we offer you a product with the highest yield per square meter. Not only in the lab but also in real life.


Article# Pmax Voc Isc Vmp Imp Weight Size (mm)
TPP106x54F 125.8W 23.3V 6.45A 20.5V 6.08A 2.5 kg 106 x 54




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